Horror of Cthulhu Mobile Game

Between jobs I always keep busy with freelancing or personal projects. Currently I am working on Horror of Cthulhu, a text based mobile game set in the world of H.P, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

Below is an early screenshot of the mobile app created using Adobe XD, Photoshop and Adobe Animate. Horror of Cthulhu:

I am working on the fonts and font combinations. I am looking for a combo that is both easy to read and sets the right mood.

I have also done some testing around the game mechanics to make sure they are easily understood without forcing the player to read a long tutorial.

Brushing up on Sketch the Rusty Old Tool

As with all tools, if you don’t use them, they go rusty. I have not used sketch in ages (or so it feels) and so I brushed off the old MacBook and knocked out a  simple design.

Using Axure or Adobe XD mostly on a PC, it is crazy how quickly you become rusty with a tool you have left behind. I was fumbling over shortcut keys and ripping my hair out with the masks etc. After a couple of hours of play, I was pretty comfortable again, but it goes to show that you have to keep up the skills or they go rusty. I can’t show up at a client and fumble around. Sure it will be fine in a while but it looks so bad!

How did I find it? Well… No regrets moving to PC and I sure don’t miss Sketch. Not that I love Axure. They are different tools for different jobs though. Although I hate giving back the power to Adobe, XD is growing on me all the time. If you ask me what my favourite tool for prototyping, wireframing and designing is? Adobe Flash/Animate any day. It can do anything the other tools can do and usually better.

Subaru Online Car E-commerce Journey

As a major new project for Summit Media, I was brought in to head up the UX and research journey for Subaru’s e-commerce platform. This journey was from first contact through to a final car sale. By the end of the contract I handed over a full prototype built in Axure RP based on in depth research and close partnership with the clients Inchcape and Subaru.

Note that this is not a visual design excessive, but instead a journey that simply uses their current branding and UI design.

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Fintech ISA User Journey Product Design

I was tasked with improving the user journey for setting up an ISA. With only two weeks to present a solution, I had to quickly research, create a candidate and then test the candidate.

The following design is an attempt at showing how a simple HELLO on a simple background can ease the user into the form. This is a first draft where I did the design as well as the product design solution because the visual design, language and animation form the backbone of the solution.


The solution to the form was not to break it up into separate pages, but instead keep it on a single page since users wanted to scroll up and down. The digital product design used friendly language and animation to ask questions which would build the summary page as it went. The language and animation were key.

Sample Animation

Below are further iterations on the solution.




Digital Product Designer

My name is Nikolai Bird and I am a Digital Product Designer with a load of experience working mostly in and around London.

Currently I am  UX Lead at Smart Pension where I do digital product design.