Brushing up on Sketch the Rusty Old Tool

As with all tools, if you don’t use them, they go rusty. I have not used sketch in ages (or so it feels) and so I brushed off the old MacBook and knocked out a  simple design.

Using Axure or Adobe XD mostly on a PC, it is crazy how quickly you become rusty with a tool you have left behind. I was fumbling over shortcut keys and ripping my hair out with the masks etc. After a couple of hours of play, I was pretty comfortable again, but it goes to show that you have to keep up the skills or they go rusty. I can’t show up at a client and fumble around. Sure it will be fine in a while but it looks so bad!

How did I find it? Well… No regrets moving to PC and I sure don’t miss Sketch. Not that I love Axure. They are different tools for different jobs though. Although I hate giving back the power to Adobe, XD is growing on me all the time. If you ask me what my favourite tool for prototyping, wireframing and designing is? Adobe Flash/Animate any day. It can do anything the other tools can do and usually better.

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