UX Survival Handbook


This book on UX craft is for the urban design warrior. Packed with UX goodness to get you through tight situations. Never leave home without it!

The UX Survival Handbook lands in the middle of the world of UX and feels its way outwards discovering nuggets along the way, nuggets that can save you!

Mostly these bite-sized chunks of UX yum are central to a designer’s daily doings, but some are from further afield like the skies of UI and the seas of development, but all are noted here in order to give the designer a quick shot of vitamin UX that might just make the difference between making it out in one piece or going under.

“No UX & UI prepper should leave home without this guide.”

“Nuggets of UX goodness to keep you alive in any situation!”

Coming soon, but behold some of the early prototype work:

UX Survival Handbook by Nikolai Bird Atlassian do not endorse this book and were only added to the cover when showing them the concept.