The following is a list of web related acronyns and abbreviations.

API – Application Programming Interfaces

ARP – Address Resolution Protocol

ARPANET – Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

ASP – Active Server Pages

BOOTP – Boot Protocol

CGI – Common Gateway Interface

CPU – Central Processing Unit

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

FTP – File Transfer Protocol

Gb – Gigabyte

hex – hexadecimal

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol


ICMP – Internet Control Message Protocol

ICT – Information & Communication Technology

IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force

IP – Internet Protocol

IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

IT – Information Technology

JS – Javascript

Kb – Kilobyte

LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

MAC – Media Access Control

MAC – Apple Macintosh

Mb – Megabyte

MIME – Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MIT– Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MySQL – “My” is a girl’s name + Structured Query Language

NTP – Network Time Protocol

OOP – Object-oriented programming

OS – Operating System

PC – Personal Computer

PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor (originally stood for personal home page)

PNG – Portable Network Graphics

POP – Post Office Protocol

PPTP – Point to Point Tunneling Protocol

RAM – Random Access Memory

RARP – Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RDF – Resource Description Framework

RIA – Rich Internet Application

RSS – Really Simple Syndication

SGML – Standard Generalized Markup Language

SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol

SQL – Structured Query Language

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

Tb – Terabyte

TCP – Transmission Control Protocol

TLD – Top Level Domain

URL – Uniform Resource Locator

URI – Uniform Resource Identifier

VB – Visual Basic

VBS – Visual Basic Script

W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium

WHATWG – Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group

WWW – World Wide Web

XHTML – Extensible Hypertext Markup Language

XML – Extensible Markup Language

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