I have written before on how to make money with you graphical designs and illustrations, now I have been playing around with affiliates on a couple of my sites.

I sell pop art paintings that I do in my spare time and although the site generates a healthy number of sales, or at least enough to keep my busy, I have found that putting ads and affiliate links on the site has not hurt my pop art sales and at the same time generates a little extra income.

I currently use allposters.com as they can provide for the UK, Europe and USA. Many people who are looking for artwork and designs will come across artist’s and designer’s websites even though they may have just been looking for something to put on the wall, or a gift for someone.

So far I am quite pleased with allposters.com, not due to the sales as it is too early to tell how good it is, but due to the easy of setting it up. Creating an account was simple. After that, you are given a whole host of options, from banners you can place on your site, to search boxes and even a mini store on your website.

I will get back to you on the sales point when I have given it more time.

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