3qwe online bookmarking

3qwe.com is a band new site based on the idea that all I and perhaps you want is a homepage that will show me my bookmarks up front and make it easy to search them or the web all in one place.

It is a simple concept with a search box and a cloud of your bookmarks or links.

The cloud

The cloud links change size depending on your usage. They can be edited and moved around on the links page.

The search box

The search box is the clever bit. All your links can have shortcuts such as “twit” for Twitter. You just type “twit” + enter and 3qwe takes you to Twitter.

Your bookmarks can be grouped together under a common name such as “social”. When one then types “social” all the social bookmarks will show up for you to click on. If you just hit enter 3qwe will take you to the first one on the list.

If you type a URL, 3qwe will take you right to it.

If you type anything else that 3qwe does not recognise 3qwe will take you to your default search engine such as Google, and search for your input. There is a default list of search engines that can be edited.


This all started when I just wanted all my links in my face when I start up the browser. I don’t like using built in bookmarks and I don’t want the extra rubbish that comes with all the online social bookmarking sites. There is nothing social about 3qwe.com. It is all about you and your bookmarks.

I developed the search box to be a little

clever and realised that I could share this with others.


This is not rocket science but it is, I have found a truly handy tool. I just start up the browser and without a single click I can go to any of my bookmarked sights, search the web or go right to a URL.

Have a look at it. I hope you like it.


–    Nik

PS – tested in Firefox 3 and IE8 – Looks much better in Firefox 3 though

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