In this tutorial we are going to look at how to cerate a plastic, glossy, glassy look for your text in Flash. I am using Flash CS3 and also using some of the Flash filter effects.


Write what ever text you want to make plastic. In this tutorial we are using the word, plastic.



Break up the word by pressing CTRL+B a couple of times. The give the text a white border line using the Ink Bottle Tool (S).

Make the border quite thick. In this example it is 3 pixels.


Draw a transparent oval, a little wider than the text, and place it a little down from the top of the text.



Using the oval as a guide, fill the bottom half of the text with a linear gradient fill, darker at the top. Do the same for the top half but use a slightly lighter gradient fill.



Create a background for your text. The one used here is a rectangle with a four stage, radial gradient fill. Mess about with it until you are happy.

Place the text over it. We need the background for the plastic effect to truly shine.



Select the text and press F8. This will open a dialogue box. Here select Movie Clip and give it a name.

In Filters, next to the Properties tab at the bottom, press the Add Filter “+” button and select Gradient Bevel. Here you will need to mess around a bit until you are happy but in this example, I used Blur 3, Angle 45, Strength 100%, Distance 3 and Type Full.



Now add the Adjust Color filter. Again you will have to mess around. I changed the Hue, then increased the Saturation to 93 and the Brightness to 37.



For the cherry on the cake, create a little circle with a radial fill of 100% white to 0% white. Remove any border, and place it on the top left of the first character.


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