Web 2.0 icons seem to be the glassy XP and Vista look inspired by Mac OS look and feel. What will the web 3.0 look like I wonder. What will it be? Perhaps a total integration of PC and internet. All files stored online, and all software run from central servers. But what will it look like?

My guess is that icons will be little animated films that run when rolled over. They will probably in this case be slick 3d animations that are near life like but better with better lighting and angles etc. It might even get a lot more abstract as we all know what a file looks like. They may abtracterise them (is that a word? It is now).

Anyway. Here are some of the latest glassy web icons:

Web 2.0 guitar Recycle Icon pie chart glassy butterfly icon Security Lock Icon

Fine more on the web 2.0 icons page. I am adding more all the time.

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