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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
  <meta name="description" content="xyz" />
  <meta name="keywords" content="xyz, xyz" />


<hl></hl> First headline
<h6></h6> Smallest headline
<b></b> Bold text
<em></em> Emphasize
<strong></strong> Emphasize
<i></i> Italic
<u></u> Underline
<s></s> Strikethrough
<tt></tt> Teletype
<pre></pre> Preformatted text - preserves spacing
<cite></cite> Citation


<a href="URL"></a> A hyperlink
<a href="mailto:EMAIL"></a> A mailto link
<a name="XYZ"></a> A target anchor within a document
<a href="#XYZ"></a> Links to anchor within document
<a href="URL" target="_blank"></a> Open in new window


<p></p> Paragraph 
<p align="left"> Paragraph align left, right, center
<br /> Inserts a line break 
<ol></ol> Numbered list 
<ul></ul> Bulleted list 
<li></li> List item
<div align="left"></div> Block with left align
<span></span> Inline styling
<blockquote></blockquote> Indents text
<img src="URL" /> Image 
<img align="left" /> Aligns image left, right, center, bottom, top, middle
<img border="1" /> Border width
<hr /> Horizontal rule 
<hr size="2" width="50%" /> Rule height and width
<hr noshade /> Rule without a shadow


<table></table> Table 
<table border="1"> Width of border
<table cellspacing="1"> Space between table cells 
<table cellpadding="1"> Cell's inner padding
<table width="50%"> Table width - pixels or percentage
<tr></tr> Table row
<td></td> Row cell
<th></th> Row header
<tr align="left"> Alignment – left, right, center
<td align="left"> Alignment – left, right, center
<tr valign="top"> Vertical alignment - top, bottom, middle
<td valign="top"> Vertical alignment - top, bottom, middle
<td colspan="2"> Number of columns cell spans
<td rowspan="2"> Number of rows cell spans
<td nowrap> Stop line breaks


<form action="index.htm" method="post"></form>
 Create form with action and method
<select multiple name="NAME" size="5"></select> 
 Scrolling menu
<select name="NAME"></select> Pulldown menu 
<option value="x" selected="selected"></option>
 Menu item with value and first selected
<textarea name="NAME" cols="45" rows="5"></textarea> Text box area - columns=width, rows=height
<input type=text name="NAME" size=15 value="x"> 
 Text area - size=length in characters
<input type="checkbox" name="NAME" value="x" checked="checked" /> Checkbox. Already checked
<input type="radio" name="NAME" value="x"> Radio button
<input type="submit" value="NAME"> Submit button
<input type="image" name="NAME" src="img.gif">
 Submit button using an image 
<input type="reset"> Reset button


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& &amp;
/ &frasl;
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> &gt;
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¥ &yen;
© &copy;
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