I just read about a guy on Shutterstock who is making over $300 a day!

I love the idea that he can just quit now. He can sit back and watch his library of photos make him that kind of money without doing any more work.

It is of course it’s not that simple. Oh, he could sit back and it would make him good money for a while but images date, and so he probably needs to keep his library up to date, but still…

It took him about 2 years to get the library together, and I am sure he worked hard so he deserves the reward. I think he has around 3,000 images there. I have around 250 and make a small $100-$200 a month. I am happy with that as I hardly need do anything to keep it going and it is a nice little extra income.

So many people are getting into this. A good camera need not cost the earth, and even if you only have say 20 images on the microstock site Shutterstock you should make it back pretty quickly.

I am constantly tying to get people into it as the work you do now will pay you back again, and again, and again. Even if you get bored, you can just leave it as I do, and it keeps paying every month. Images I had lying around that would have never made a penny, now work for me.

Sorry to go on about it but I just do not understand why everyone does not have a go.

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