With a lot of work, and a lot of time, I have made thousands of dollars selling little icons and clip art on the web.

I know that was an awful sales pitch but the truth is that making money on the web takes just as much effort as making money in the real world. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are after your money.
Having said that, here is how I did it:
Gather together, or create anew lots of images you think others need. I am talking about images that belong to you, not just anybody’s.
It is important that these images are photos, icons, illustration, vector files, that people are going to want to use for something. Artistic works are great for a wall, but perhaps not so good for a Power Point presentation. They need to be symbolic in some way. They need to highlight a fact. They need to be useful.
A simple example is arrows. Images of arrows and graphs. All very useful.
Once you have your collection, head over to http://www.shutterstock.com/?rid=72982.
This is an affiliate link. It means that I get a little commission from Shutterstock if you use them. I have such affiliate links to many of these kinds of site, but I link to http://www.shutterstock.com/?rid=72982 because I have found them to be the easiest to get started with, and they sell a lot! You lose nothing.
If you put 10 good and useful images on there, they will start making money very quickly, and do so forever more. It is not a lot, but it just keeps rolling in. I started a few years ago and a simple icon that took no longer than 10 minutes to make has earned hundreds of dollars. This is an extreme example, but if you have images lying around put them on and get them to work!
If you put 100 images on there. You will have a nice little extra income each month. I have around 250 images on it, and every month, I can buy something nice for myself.

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