Superman Spiderman

Blending two images using stripes can be a rather cool way of blending images. The achieve the above image follow the steps laid out below. This tutorial is for Photoshop.

1. Get two images. I have used Superman and Spiderman.

Superman Spiderman

2. Create a new layer for image 1. In this case, Superman and create a gradient fill from top to bottom, from back to white using the Gradient tool set to Linear Gradient.


3. Filter > Distort > Wave. Set Generators to 999. Wavelength Min and Max to 4. Scale 100%. Type: Square. Repeat Edge Pixels. You should get the following:


4. Now set the Layer Style Blend Mode… Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options. Set Blend Mode to Multiply.

Super Stripes

5. Using the Magic Wand Tool with settings Tolerance 1, no Anti-aliased and no Contiguous, select one of the black stripes. This should select all the black stripes.

6. Now Shift+Ctrl+i to invert the selection and press Shift+Ctrl+c to copy the image. This should copy everything other than the black stripes.

7. Now paste it over the Spiderman image!

Superman Spiderman


As a bonus feature, you might want to save the stripes mask as it is very useful to have around for other images.

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