I started this site around 5 months ago now wanting to add something of value to the community. I also hoped that it would be able to pay for itself via google ads and the odd link to places such as microphotography site Shuterstock. Note the referal link 😉

The hits have been huge compared to my expectations. I get hundreds of individual people visiting the site every day, when I was expecting no more than 40 – 50. Thanks!

Sometimes the site gets  4 – 5,000 hits when dig, or stumble or one those sites takes and interest as they do every so often. That is fun to see.

The ads pay for the site, and it has become a great hobby of mine to keep this site updated. I only wish I had more time to do so. Perhaps one day it will allow that but then we are talking many thousand visits a day, and I don’t see that happening for a very long time if ever, but the way it has gone has blown me away. I knew people would be so pleased for some graphics, icons and illustrations.

Thanks too to those who have bought me a beer. There have been a few and I drink to you!

The work on this site is free but then again, nothing is free. I expect a link back, or buy me a beer, or a click on a sponsor or anything really in exchange for using one of my images, but there is no need to part with real money. It is a great experiment in honesty. I need to work out a way to track just how honest people are. Speaking of being honest… Only click on a sponsor if you are interested in that sponsor. Thanks for the thought though.

A last thanks to you all for the support!

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