This was from some superficial work I did for a well know travel agency in regards to search for a holiday. Things got very optimistic with talk of being a google sized travel operator.

Two key points drive this design.

  1. David (product director) wants to turn this into a billion pound operation.
  2. The (little) user interviews I have done with a random selection of people I have bumped into indicates that 100% of them start holiday planning by going to Google.

Pretty much every travel site I have looked at follows the same formula. Put the booking form front and centre on the home page and add a few special offers below it. 


Google is a multi billion pound operation. Let’s cut them out of the loop and become the google of holiday search. If you want to play the big game then we need to think big. Technologically we can do this. I am not talking about searching competitors and offering them up to our customers, I am talking about how our customers use our system, and how our system makes the process of finding a holiday, easy, exciting and fresh.


Q: If you want to book a holiday. What do you do?

A: I google Holiday Menorca September. If I just want flights I google “who flies to Menorca September”


Q: If you want to book a holiday. What do you do?

A: “I want inspiration”. If I know where I want to go I type BnB or AirBnB plus the location name into Google. I use Pinterest a lot for inspiration.

She first looks for accommodation before looking for flights or travel arrangements.


Q: If you want to book a holiday. What do you do?

A: I google “cheap flights”. I then get frustrated with what I find and go straight to the airline’s site. I don’t look for a hotel until I have found a flight.

She first looks for flights, then accommodation.