vectore shapes in photoshop

A quick few samples showing how shapes created in a vector package can be used creatively in Photoshop. This is not a proper tutorial, but samples just for inspiration.c-a

Basic design created in Flash but any old vector package will do. (tip: Flash is good at this kind of thing)


Filled it in with some basic shades.


Made the lines white for a white background.


Now in Photoshop, I have cut the various shapes out, and layered them, giving some drop shadows, inner shadows and texture for interest.


Tried a warp. This just makes anything look trendy.


Some texture. Not sure about this but it can be used with further messin’ about.


Added a background gradient.


More colour! I can now see that some of the cut-out edges need refining, but you get the idea.

Try it yourself. Mess about with some basic shapes and see what you can come up with. They can then become elements in later designs.

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