These are cheat sheets for the desktop in the form of wallpaper for web designers.

I use a lot of cheat sheets when designing or developing and started to place snippets of code on my desktop. Now I have put it together in a simple web design wallpaper for general use. At present I have only done the basics for HTML and CSS and only in 1280 x 1024, but I intend to add more to this and do them in different formats.

It would be good to hear what is needed and wanted on these. I was thinking of doing a PHP, AS3, Javascript, colour chart etc. Also, there are no doubt mistakes that need to be fixed.

You are free to use them, but not to sell on or change in any way. Honesty moment – I just want the little url to stay on the wallpaper in the hopes of generating a little traffic 🙂

Check them out: web design wallpaper

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