Due to the limitations on files sizes used on the web thanks to downloading speeds, images need to be highly compressed to make them as small (in file size) as possible. A raw, uncompressed photo for example can be many megabytes in size, but when converted to a JPEG, be only kilobytes with little noticeable difference to the eye. For this reason only highly compressed image formats are used on the web.

Some image formats are static. Others can be animated. In the case of Flash and Silverlight, they can even have sound and video. The line between and image and movie is somewhat blurred when it comes to rich media formats such as Flash and Silverlight.

 There are two types of image used on the web.

  1. Bitmap graphics
  2. Vector graphics

The common bitmaps are:

  1. GIF
  2. JPEG
  3. PNG

The common vector types are:

  1. SVG
  2. Flash
  3. Silverlight

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